Shower Business

In early May this year my friends and I filmed a silly sketch called Shower Business and put it on YouTube for a laugh. The premise of the sketch is that I get my best ideas in the shower, so I decide to run a business from there.

In the recent few months, this sketch has gone from having under 500 views to 17k views and we have no idea why.

“People are researching you!” said my optimistic best mate Sara, who plays my assistant in the video. “They want to know who you are!”

Well, I am doing a three-hander at the fringe this year.

Maybe someone, one person in the eight people that have come to see the show, had been a comedy bigwig. Maybe they searched me on YouTube, found this nugget of comedy gold and shared it to their thousands of followers.

A little part of me thought, this is it. This is the video that’s cracked show business.

Until the last few days. When some confusing comments started trickling in.

shower business commentsI don’t own tall boots. I wear trainers with orthopaedic insoles because I have hooves instead of feet.

I began to think that perhaps that I’ve been mixed up with some sort of heel-wearing comedy actor, or model. Had I worn tall boots to a recent comedy gig? Does the comedy industry want me to dress more sexy? Perhaps taller? Do I mention mud in my comedy set? I don’t recall doing that, but sometimes I improvise riffs and it’s anyone’s guess what can happen when Kat gets on a roll. But this sketch is set in a shower, and the shower environment is integral to the joke.

To clarify where my fans were coming from, I decided to check YouTube analytics.

shower comments 2.png

Minxmovies sounds like an odd name for a comedy-sharing platform, but I suppose can be a bit of a minx sometimes when it comes to my sassy personality and fierce quips. So I Google it.

shower comment 3.png

My heart has just dropped into my clothing, dresses, jeans, knickers and panties.

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