In 2015 Kat was a semi finalist for the Chortle Student Comedy Award and listed as one of the top twenty student stand up comedians in the UK. She wrote and performed in her own sitcom which was selected for So You Think You Write Funny 2016. She has written and performed in her own sketches which have been taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over the last two years.

Kat is the editor and creative director of Succubus, a satirical women’s magazine. Her sketches have been featured on the British Comedy Guide.

In 2017 she was selected for the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2017, and will be performing on BBC Radio 4 extra.


She was the assistant producer for Funny Women, the UK’s leading female comedy community, where she wrote, performed and produced live events, and put out more chairs than one woman should ever have to put out. She has written for The F Word and The Tab.

Kat also creates zines and artwork which she gives out at her gigs or if you’re feeling like Mr M. Moneybags you could  purchase from her shop.

If you’d like to collaborate with her, please email her at katied25@hotmail.co.uk and she will shit herself but then get back to you as soon as possible. But don’t call her. Dear god, don’t ever call her.

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“Kat melds killer one-liners with a unique world view to create a truly original act”

– Reckless Comedy


The Boar

“Toughen up princess, life is hard and it hasn’t even begun to fuck you in the arse yet”

Sarah Jane’s boyfriend

“When are you going to contribute to the house?”

– Mum

“Just read your blog- do you have any happy memories?”

– Chris Holmes